Paid Coach Guideline

Paid Coach Guideline- Divisional teams

West Van Soccer has a paid coach Guideline which has worked well for a few teams in past seasons. We encourage teams to find a volunteer coach but if that fails, this guideline is here for your guidance.  


The WVSC prefers its teams below the metro level to use volunteer coaches.  The club supports its volunteers by providing coaching courses free of charge and by offering the assistance of its staff coaches throughout the year.  If no volunteer coach is available, however, hiring a paid coach can be looked at as an option.  The procedure below outlines the steps that should be followed if a team wishes to pursue hiring a professional coach:


  1. Any professional coach that wants to be hired by a WVSC team must meet the following requirements:

    1. Provide proof of passing a criminal record check

    2. Be approved by the club’s Technical Director


  2. Any team that wants to hire a professional coach must do the following:

  1. Provide each family notice that the team is proposing to hire a paid coach (a copy of this policy must also be provided) through a team or Club official

  2. The draft agreement with the potential coach  should be distributed

    1. At least least ¾ of the team players must be represented by a parent or guardian and respond yeah or nay to any proposal

    2. All conditions relating to the terms of the hiring (length, frequency, fees, how and when fees are to be paid, and terms of dissolution of the agreement) must be provided to the families.

    3. Once discussion is completed, a secret ballot must take place in which each family will have the chance to vote without feeling pressure one way or the other. A minimum of 75% of the total number of families must agree to hire a coach in order for the team to proceed with the hiring.

    4. If the families vote to hire a pro coach, any family who was opposed will have the option to come forward and say they were not in favor and do not wish to pay. They do not need to provide any other information. No player may be removed from the team if they do not want to pay

    5. The team must then decide if those wanting to hire a paid coach will make up any shortfall from opposed families or if they will request that the professional coach accept less money