Registration Info

Season Registration

Registration for the 2018/19 season begins today. The soccer season runs from September to the beginning of March.

There is one game at the weekend and a minimum of one practice with the team coach per week. 

Girls teams play on Sundays and Boys teams on Saturdays. 

Our youngest players ALL play on Saturdays in the Street Soccer program at Hugo Ray Park (2014, 2013 and 2012 birthdates)

Click here for the season registration page.

Click here for more information on WVSC soccer season.

New this season the VOLUNTEER FEE. Please note that parents not volunteering will be asked to pay a fee to cover our expenses this season. 

Please do not confuse SEASON registration with registration for SPRING programs

Summer Camp Registration


Camps are fun but instructive programs run at holiday periods. We run camps over Spring Break and over the Summer for all levels. 

Summer camps open for registration at the beginning of April

Professional Day camps are open for registration. 

Futsal Camps starting in January and running until March are open for registration but there are only a few spaces left.

Please click below for availability.

Click here for the camp registration page.

High Performance /Spring /Fall &Winter PLUS prog


Enrichment programs

Senior Academy, Junior Academy, Goalkeeping Academy, and Speed, Agility and Quickness (SAQ) programs  run on Fridays after school. These programs are an optional addition to the soccer season. They are designed for the player who wants to improve their soccer skill level by working with Professional Coaches. 

Wednesday "PLUS" program for U9/U10/U11 and U12 players runs September until March. The program is for skilled players playing on "development" teams or Gold and silver teams. If a player is not on a Development, Gold or Silver team but would like the chance to be assessed for their suitability to join please contact Leo at 

Spring - Once the season has ended (usually at the beginning of March) , we run a Spring Program for the keen players who want to continue soccer until the end of June.  Registration starts on the Website on March 1st. The program runs April until June and is for U9 to U15 players. please note these are next season's age groups so for example if your player is U8 this season, then they would be eligible for U9 Spring program. We ask that players commit to both days of instruction.

Boys Mondays and Wednesdays U9/U10 3:30 to 4:45, U11/U12 5:00 to 6:15 and U13/U14/U15 6:30 to 7:45

Girls Tuesdays and Thursdays U9/U10 3:30 to 4:45, U11/U12 5:00 to 6:15 and U13/U14/U15 6:30 to  7:45

Spring Street soccer - The spring program runs on Fridays after school. Registration will begin on March 1

All programs are on Ambleside D field

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Applying for a subsidy

If you need help paying your soccer fees, please read further  
The West Van Soccer Club will never turn away a player due to their family's financial circumstances but please help us by applying for a subsidy  
Athletics for Kids
A4K (Athletics for Kids) is a North Shore organization that was set up so that all children regardless of financial constraints of parents or guardians, should be able to participate in organised amateur sports. For Information and applications visit the A4K website at
Kidsport is a national organisation which assists children by overcoming financial barriers which prevent or limit their participation in organized sports. We are lucky to have a local chapter here on the North Shore. Their application form is very simple and does not require detailed financial scrutiny. For more information to
For those requesting financial assistance please register using Online Registration and follow these steps:

Choose Cheque as the payment method. Do not pay by credit card or send in a cheque hoping for reimbursement. We ask you to drop off a deposit ck for $75 to 1310 Lawson Ave (basket by door) for each child. Cheque should be  made out to WVSC . The $75 will cover the fees we have to pay to BC Soccer on the player's behalf.
Enter in the Payment Notes field: application for funding through A4K or Kidsport and enter the one where you have applied.
Contact the registrar at with any questions

Metro soccer league tryouts

Tryout dates and times have the ability to change. Emails will be sent to players registered for tryouts.  
In preparation for tryouts, please make sure that you are registered at least 24 hours before your tryout time.  Each player should arrive 20-25 minutes before tryout sessions to check in and receive a pinnie.  (The boys tryout schedule is under the girls' on this page.)

WVSC Girls MSL Tryout Dates
Please note that these dates and times have the ability to change.  Players registered for tryouts will receive an email update if there is a change.
Link to Tryout Registration:
Fri. 23 Field Age Group
6:00-7:30pm Mulgrave GU13
7:30-9:00pm Mulgrave GU14
Sat. 24 Ambleside D
3:00-4:30pm GU18
4:30-6:00pm GU13
3-Mar Ambleside D
3:00-4:30pm GU14 
4:30-6:00pm GU16 
4-Mar Ambleside D
3:00-4:30pm GU16 
4:30-6:00pm GU18 
5-Mar TBA
TBA GU13 combined with NSG
6-Mar Mulgrave
6:00-7:30pm GU14
7:30pm-9:00pm GU15
10-Mar Ambleside D
4:00-5:30pm GU15 
5:30pm-7:00pm GU18 Combined with NSG

WVSC Boys MSL Tryout Dates
Please note that these dates and times have the ability to change.  Players registered for tryouts will receive an email update if there is a change.
Link to Tryout Registration:
Tues. 20 Field Age Group
6:00-7:30pm Mulgrave BU13
7:30-9:00pm Mulgrave BU16
Sun. 25 Ambleside D
4:00-5:30pm BU16
5:30-7:00pm BU13
Feb. 27 Mulgrave
6:00-7:30pm BU13
7:30-9:00pm BU18
2-Mar Mulgrave
6:00-7:30pm BU17
7:30-9:00pm BU18
3-Mar Ambleside E
3:00-4:30pm BU14
4:30:-6:00pm BU17
4-Mar Ambleside E
3:00-4:30pm BU14
4:30:-6:00pm BU15
6:00-7:30pm Mulgrave BU14
7:30pm-9:00pm Mulgrave BU15