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Posted 2/13/2018 Ref # 6231

Registration starts Feb 16 2018 for the season starting in Sept 2018

On Feb 16 2018 registration will open for the 2018/19 season which runs from September 2018 to March 2019. you will need to register online with your login and password from last season or if you are a new user, invent your own login and password. 

Most teams will have been formed by June 15 so that they can be entered into the league.
For Divisional players "under 11" to "under 18" the deadline for registration is April 15. If you register your player after that date, there may still be room on some teams and your player will either be placed on a team with space or go on a wait list. From April 16 you will be charged a late fee.

For MINI players "Under 8" to "Under 10" (birth years 2011 to 2009)the deadline is May 31 after that date your player may not get on the team they request and will be placed on a team with space or placed on a wait list. From June 1 on, you will be charged a late fee

For MINI players "under 5" to "Under 7" (birth years 2014 to 2012) the registration deadline is extended to September. 

Players are given the opportunity on the registration form to request a friend or team. Placement at the older age groups is based on skill level and commitment.

NEW THIS SEASON - we will be charging a volunteer fee. If you do not wish to volunteer for one of the positions offered, you will be charged an extra fee.  

If you have any questions contact Julie at 

Posted 2/6/2018 Ref # 6229

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